Wednesday, December 10, 2008


It seems lately, I've been inundated with choices. For example, right now it's 11:40pm...  I could go to bed, like I should've hours ago, I could make some more Christmas goodies, like I planned to hours ago, or I could blog... which obviously I am doing now, even though  I planned to and should've done it days ago.  

I don't know why, but lately it seems I hate making decisions... sometimes it is so much easier being told what to do.  Earlier today, I let my fate lie in the hands of Calvin.  (That's right, I (the 29 year old mother) turned my free agency over to my son (my crazy, can't make decisions for himself, 3 year old son)... yep, I've lost it.  

Anyway, on Wednesdays, Calvin, Leona and I usually go to story time at the library while Emme is at school.  He loves it, I love it, and Leona, well Leona is indifferent, but as long as she is with me, life is good.  Going to the library means that I don't get to go for a run though...  I kind of wanted to skip out on story time today but kind of wanted to skip out on my run too, so I decided to let Calvin have a say.  So, I pose the question, "Calvin, do you want to go to story time, go running or just stay home and watch a movie?"  
"Hmmmm" he replies, "Let's go running!  We hardly ever go running anymore!" (Ouch... what are you trying to tell me kid?)

"But don't you want to go to the library and get some new Star Wars books? (ha ha... I've got you now)  Or, stay here and watch the Diego movie we checked out last week?"

"NO!  We should go running!" (Wow, such emotion!)

I was quite surprised at his decision.  I thought for sure he would go for the books or at the very least the movie.  I guess he really does enjoy being bundled up, strapped into the stroller and pushed around. (Either that or the poor kid is so desperate for some fresh air he'll settle for it even without freedom of movement.) 

So, we went running and skipped out on story time.  It was the right choice too, I always feel better if I get a run in (I'm usually a nicer mom too... maybe he's picked up on that).  In addition, right when I got out of my post-run shower, the school called me to come get Emme who was sick with a fever.  Had we gone to story time, I would've missed the call.  (Now that I think about it, maybe she and Calvin had it planned all along...)

Anyway, making choices... a hard thing to do sometimes (most of the time).  We're talking about someone (me) that takes a ridiculous amount of time deciding what socks to wear  (I mean, "Are you serious?!?"... they're socks, no one even sees them) and is responsible for not only making choices that affect one person, but a whole family.  It's hard work and scary too... so much responsibility.

I wish it was as easy as letting Calvin make all the choices for me.  I'm sure he would be happy to do it.  I'm tempted... I'd probably go running a lot more, but I'm afraid I'd tire of eating only PB&J!

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