Saturday, November 15, 2008

Knights of the Round Table...

So, while I was running today I had Monty Python's "Knights of the Round Table" song stuck in my head, thought I'd share it with you:

I don't know how it got into my head, but it was early in my run. Unfortunately, I only knew the first stanza (which after listening to it, I realized I didn't even really know that much) which ran through my head on continuous replay for the entire 6 miles. Of course, when I got home I sang it for Dan, then looked it up online, then posted about it here...needless to say, it is still in my head...

In other running news, I realized today while I was running (yep, I can think and sing and run simultaneously) that running with a jogging stroller has made me a passive runner.  My runs tend to run around (no pun intended) other people on the sidewalk and cars on the road.  For example, today there were two separate instances that I changed the direction I intended to go because of a car and a group of people.  The first case occurred when I was coming up to a side street.  I had intended to cross the street, but I was going to arrive at the intersection the same time as a car.  I guess I'm worried that the cars won't stop where they should or that I'll be in the way when they have an opportunity to go, so instead of crossing the street, I turned and ran up the side street, so I wouldn't have to worry about crossing in front of the car.  

The second instance involved a couple of people and their dogs.  I was headed up 24th towards my house and there were two people walking their dogs in the same direction.  Instead of continuing up the street and trying to get around them I turned up another side street and added almost a mile to the end of my run (of course the mile was by choice, taking a side street only needed to add a block).  

I guess I feel like I'm in the way, because of the jogging stroller.  It's even worse when I am pushing the double jogger, I tend to avoid busy streets and sidewalks all together.  Of course with the double, I do take up the entire sidewalk and am in everybody's way.  I shouldn't feel that way though, that thing is wide enough that I could run everyone over...maybe I'll try to be more aggressive in my running.  Watch I come!

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