Friday, November 14, 2008

Girl's Night...In?

Notice the title of this post is "girl's night in", not "girls' night out".  That's because it's just girl and I'm in, not going out.  Is it still considered a "girl's night" if I'm the only one here?  I was thinking about this while I was making I was acting as though I was going to hang out with my mom and sister or girlfriends (as if I've ever had any) but I was really just hanging out by myself.  I decided that "yes" I can (and should) call it "girl's night", otherwise it's just me, sitting at home being a loser...

Anyway, Dan was out carousing...okay, not really, just playing Risk and watching the Blazers with his "boys", so after the kids' were in bed I started watching a movie and felt like making cookies and painting my toenails.  
The movie:  Wizard of Oz....I watched about half an hour, maybe 45 minutes (I was switching between that and a fascinating/disgusting documentary about a 200 pound tumor) before getting bored and switching to the Duck game (basketball pre-season).  
The cookies:  M&M (I'm pretty sure I ate at least enough dough to shorten the batch by 4 or 5 cookies (it makes it so I can bake them in just 2 batches!))  
The polish:  well, it was supposed to be "Whine Not", but I lost ambition and now Dan is home...which ruins the whole agenda of "Girl's Night In".

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Jacob and Stephanie said...

OK, seriously, I've been doing the exact same thing! So, if you're home feeling like a loser and I'm home feeling like a loser, let's hang out like losers together more often K?