Thursday, November 13, 2008

Early Bird

Emme is completely inconsistent as to when she gets up in the morning and how she is feeling.  For example, today she got up by 6:15am and didn't want to climb into bed with us and cuddle.  Instead, she wanted to "help" get things ready.  This meant that she went downstairs and set the table.  It is really sweet of her to want to help so much and keep herself busy while everyone else is sleeping.  However, she isn't exactly the quietest person.  She does however have quite the routine:
1.  Open all the blinds and curtains.
2.  Drag a chair across the hardwood floors into the kitchen.
3.  Open the really squeaky cupboards.
4.  Get down plates, cups and bowls.
5.  Drag the chair back to the dining room.
6.  As loudly as possible put the plates, cups and bowls on the table.
7.  Stomp across the living room and up the stairs to the bathroom.
8.  Slam the toilet seat.
9.  Sing the ABC's as loudly as possible while washing hands with water at full blast.
10.  Continue singing while turning on all the lights upstairs.
11.  Sing loudly while making Calvin's bed, then her bed.
12.  If still no one has gotten up keep singing but do it more loudly. 
13.  If still no one has gotten up, go and stand by mommy's bed and silently stare at her until she gets out of bed.

Today, she made it to step 5 before I got out of bed.  

On the other hand, some days, I have to actually wake her up because it's almost 7:30 and she is barely going to have enough time to eat breakfast and get dressed for school.  On those days, she is surly and grumpy.  I don't know what causes the difference, because she goes to bed at 7pm every night....

My running has finally turned around.  I went out Saturday with just Leona as planned and it was great.  It started pouring down rain right before I went and I got absolutely soaked, but had a great time!  I ran on the Rexius Trail for a few miles, then headed back towards home.  When I got back to our house I didn't feel like stopping so I headed up towards campus.  All in all, I ran a little over 6 miles which isn't super long, but longer than I have been doing lately.  The mileage wasn't the big issue though, it was the rain and the puddles and the was just what I needed.

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