Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Field Trip

Emme had her first school field trip today.  She was so excited!  They took a school bus to "Farmer John's Farm" where they got to tramp around in the mud and learn all about how things grow.  They left shortly after arriving at school and got back in time for lunch and recess, so it took up their whole school day.  

I think that she had a fun time, but it usually takes a couple of days to get the information out of her.  She did come home with a pumpkin and a bag full of muddy apples, hazelnuts ("acorns" to Emme), raspberries (that's right, the raspberries...or what was left of them, were thrown into the bag with the apples and nuts) and muddy shoes and pants.  Emme was so excited about the berries though, she picked them so that Dan and I could have them for breakfast and if any were left over then "Daddy could take them to school for a snack!"  Needless to say, if we want to eat them, it will require licking berry seeds off of muddy apples and as much as I love raspberries, I might have to pass.

Tomorrow is Emme's last day of school for the week because Thursday & Friday are parent-teacher conferences, so the kids get to wear their Halloween costumes.  Emme is so excited!  Each class will take a group picture in front of the school, then parade through the halls before meeting in the gym to dance the "monster mash".  Emme has been practicing the dance for the past few weeks...she is so funny, she takes it so seriously.  Apparently there is a boy in her class that she stands by for the dance that "does the counts too fast" and always runs into her...it really annoys her and makes her "sooooo mad!"  I'd love to go watch her, they sent home a flyer that says parents are welcome to come, but they made a point of saying that it is really crowded...which I took to mean I would not enjoy being there with Calvin and Leona...toooooo many people...oh well.  Emme is really all that I care to see anyway and she can do that dance here at home for us.

Tomorrow night is our church Halloween party, so we'll get all dressed up and post some pictures soon...yeah Halloween!!!

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