Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I have really been neglecting my blogging, so here are some random updates for everyone:

Dan:  is 3 weeks into school and things are going relatively well I believe.  He is in the process of applying for jobs for both part-time clerkships while in school now and some full time "gigs" over the summer.  Hopefully something will work out.  Other than that, he is ve
ry happy that college football season has arrived,  Emme now knows the days of the week:  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Football Day and Church Day...

Laurie:  I am finally starting to get a good workout schedule going.  I have been running almost every day, averaging about 18-20 miles per week, which isn't too bad considering it is only my second week of really running.  I've been loading Leona and Calvin into the stroller and usually running around until it is time to pick up Emme from school.  It has been going pretty well and Calvin has been keeping me motivated "Mommy, it's time to go running!"  I registered to run the Duck Dash again (a 5k) which will be on Oct. 11th, so that is keeping me motivated too.  I've also been lifting weights and swimming on occasion.  The swimming I have been especially enjoying as it is the only time that I really have to myself, which after a long hot day of Calvin and Leona mixed in with Emme, I can really use.

Emme:  School is going well for Emme.  She has made a bunch of friends, or so it seems, although she can't seem to remember anyone's names.  (Today at lunch she did play with a girl from the other kinder class "Emmie"...she did remember her name, she also told the girl, "I am the real Emme, Emme Higgins.)  She really enjoys singing even if she doesn't get the words quite right, today she came home singing,"My Ponny lies over the ocean..."  She will be joining the "Toucaneers" (Edison Toucans) which is the Kinder Choir.  They will meet ever Wednesday after school for 45 minutes starting on the 24th...she is really excited.

Emme has been eating  lunch at school and today went early enough for breakfast...she loves the chocolate milk that she can get at every meal.  On Thursday evening, Dan and I have a curriculum meeting to go to, that will hopefully give us a little more insight into what she will be learning this year.

Calvin:  He's as crazy as ever!  His favorite past time of course is bugging Emme every second that he can.  Now that she goes to school for 4 hours, he has to bug her twice as much when she gets home to make up for lost time.  On a much cuter note, Calvin finds different ways to "announe" himself when he wakes up from his naps.  For example, sometimes he will stand at the top of the stairs and bark, or growl...every so often he will say things like, "ta dah!" or 

"here's your boy", recently he has been posing...he will stand at the top of the stairs, not say a word and put an arm or a leg on the wall and wink (really blink) until someone acknowledges him.  What a silly and unique (we'll call it uniqe anyway)little boy he is....

Leona:  Growing like a weed.  Actually she doesn't really seem
 like she's changed, but I know she has because she is starting to outgrow outfifts and she is harder to tote around.  She seems to be outgrowing her "yelling fits" too, which her siblings, her parents and probably most of South Eugene really appreciate.  Leona is also starting to smile pretty regularly and "talk" a fair amount and she loves to kick around in the bath tub.

Friday she will go on for her 2 month check-up.  I can't believe 
that she has only been with us for 2 months!...it seems like so much longer.  She has been enjoying football Saturday though, as you can see from the picture.

Overall, we are hanging in here.  I promise to do a better job blogging. 
 I won't make any quantitative guarantees, but I will be more consistent...that's the best I can do right now.

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