Friday, September 19, 2008


It sure feels like fall...which of course means that one of our kids is sick.  It's Emme...she has brought home some kind of funky funk from kindergarten.  Nothing too serious or out of the ordinary anyway, just a really stuffy nose and a's only a matter of time before we all contract it...yippee...something to look forward to!

Leona had her 2 month check up today.  She weighs almost 11 1/2 pounds which puts her in the 50th percentile and is 33 1/3 inches long which puts her in the 75th.  She seems to be right on pace, skinny and tall like Emme and, well, tall like Calvin (man, he was a chunk!)  Her head however is a different story, Emme & Calvin both had huge heads (90th percentile)...borderline freakishly huge...Leona is quite the contrary, she has a freakishly small head (10th percentile) which of course for baby standards makes her look quite well proportioned...hopefully though as she grows her head will grow too.  I don't want her to look like the shrunken head guy at the end of Beetlejuice...yikes!!!!

Anyway, it's a big football day tomorrow.  Oregon vs. Boise State.  We should win quite easily, but you never know.  All I know is that I have a cool Boise State shirt, that Dan says I can never wear again if we added incentive for me to cheer hard (of course he's joking...mostly...I just won't be able to wear it for a good 6 months or so...until the wounds heal).  I sent Stephanie some special cookies: M&M cookies...some with blue and orange m&m's and others with green and yellow, also a pin from Bimart that said "Rope the Broncos".  Hopefully she gets them before the game.

I didn't swim or run yesterday and as of yet have only lifted today, but I'm sure I'll do something tonight...maybe a run with Leona since she got shots and if she ever wakes up will probably be grumpy.  Tomorrow I will have to do one of my game day runs, wearing a duck shirt...that is of course after we have our green & yellow pancakes...we're just a little bit superstitious when it comes to Duck Football!

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