Wednesday, September 3, 2008

1st Day of School Pt.. 2

Here are a few pictures of Emme's first day:  Things seem to have been okay for her, she said that she had a good time at least.  She can't remember the names of any of her new friends, although one of them had really curly hair, "it was a boy mommy" , but she had fun and learned a new song.  She enjoyed recess too and only had to be helped in from recess once, when she wasn't climbing down of the jungle gym quickly enough after the whistle was blown.
All ready for class with her new clothes and backpack.

Headed to two students and Calvin.
At 12:00pm when it is time to go, the class comes to the front of the school and has to show the teacher who is there to pick them up.  That's Emme's teacher in the green.  Emme was the first one out for her class.

Anyway, she has tomorrow (Thursday) off, while the other half of her class goes, and then on Friday the whole class will be together or as Emme put it, "There will be like 30 million people sitting on the alphabet carpet!"  

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