Wednesday, September 3, 2008

1st Day of School Pt. 1

Well, Emme is underway on her first day of kindergarten. Everything went very well. We all woke up early, had french toast and actually had to wait around a bit before it was time to go. Even after wating we still arrived at the school too early and had to wait some more until the doors opened (8:05am). Overall, the morning went quite smoothly. Emme was really excited to go.

On the way to school we ran into a little girl and her parents. Calvin (being the super outgoing kid he is) of course said "Hello". Then the little girl (Ginger) asked Emme if she wanted to hold hands, which of course she did. So, Emme and Ginger walked to school together holding hands the entire way and talking a little bit about books, dogs and why Emme can't have a dog at her house even though she really, really, really wants one. It was really quite cute. Unfortunately, Ginger is not in Emme's class, she is in the other kindergarten class, but maybe Emme will get to play with her at recess.

Once we got to school, Emme found the hook to put her backpack and sweater on, she put her lunch in the lunch tote and found her name tag...she was ready for the day. Really the only one that had a hard time with things was Calvin, he couldn't seem to understand why Emme got to stay but he had to go home. Dan was also a little sad (probably not so much to leave Emme as he was that he had to go to school himself).

The morning is already going quickly, Emme has already been at school for 1 1/2 hours and in only 2 more, we will go pick her up. I hope it all goes well for her....

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