Thursday, August 28, 2008

Yesterday & Today

Yesterday, Emme & Calvin were playing "mom & baby".  It was one of the cutest/funniest things I've seen them play.  Emme was sitting on the couch being "mommy" while Calvin laid across her lap on his back.  He had one of Emme's doll's bottles and Emme was feeding it to him.  The cute/funny part was that Emme wanted to cover him up with a blanket because "no one wants to see him while he's eating".  He didn't particularly care for being under the blanket by himself but Emme couldn't be persuaded to join him because, she "needed to be outside of the blanket to keep an eye on things and see what is going on".  It would've been a lot cuter if I had taken some pictures...oh well.

Today, Emme went to the doctor to get her physical so that she can start school next week.  It really went pretty well, minus that fact that the poor girl had to get 4 shots.  Calvin was of course a monster for about an hour and a half of the hour and 45 minutes we were there, but luckily Leona slept the entire time...that girl can sleep through anything (thank goodness).  Emme did well though, she freaked out about the shots but was pretty brave when all was said and done, and the doctor confirmed that fact that she is very ready for kindergarten.  She also mentioned that Calvin is a "very old" 3 year old...too bad he can't go to kindergarten too...I can just imagine being home alone with Leona everyday...quiet, restful, one-child days....

I did manage to get a short run in yesterday was nice.  I look forward to running everyday once Emme starts school...hopefully Calvin can manage to keep his hands off Leona in the double sure will be hard to go back to using it after running with just the single, not to mention the fact that Calvin outweighs Leona about 4:1....I might end up just running in circles it will be so lopsided!

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