Wednesday, August 13, 2008

It is Hot!

I've decided that I much prefer being pregnant in the really hot weather than having an infant.  At least when she was inside of me, it was really only me that I had to worry about.  If I was hot and sweaty I could take a shower or if I wanted to splash around in the wading pool with the kids I could do so.  Now I have to factor in Leona and whether or not she needs to eat or where I can find some shade to put her in or most importantly, what is going to keep her from crying (nothing it seems).  Last month, when I was pregnant and it was in the 90's I was warm and uncomfortable but it seemed bearable.  Now that it is in the 90's and I have an infant, it seems like I am always trying to console a wiggly, hot baby either by holding her or nursing her...both of which make me even hotter.  I realize that I'm complaining a really isn't that bad...I love Leona to little itty bitty baby pieces and wouldn't change her for the world (well if she wanted to be a little bit happier, I wouldn't complain)...but no more July babies!

Today Emme took a test for early enrollment into kindergarten.  No more December babies either!  It's so silly that they (the school district, teachers, school psychologist, principles...) are so caught up on an age.  As long as the child is 5, no matter what social/cognitive/physical level they are at then send them to school but if they won't be 5 until December then "they just aren't ready".  Well, Emme is ready.  She is ready in all aspects of the word.  Today she proved that she is developmentally and socially ready.  She received 77 points out of 80 on the test she was administered,  which put her well into the 95th percentile for entering kindergartners.  Now she will have to prove that she is cognitively ready...I guess we'll wait and see what they decide (her test is Monday).  While she was being evaluated, Dan got to meet with a "school psychologist" at an attempt to persuade him from pursuing the early enrollment (lucky him...I had previously talked to the same psychologist on the phone trying to get me to not even have Emme take the test, so Calvin, Leona and I went to the playground).  Her reasoning was flawed on many levels and basically came to two facts:  1.  there is a magical number and that number is 5 and 2. it is easier for teachers if everyone is 5 (basically a spin off of the first fact).  Needless to say, Dan and I were both proud that she passed the first test and hope she does as well on the second, I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

So, short story mid-summer babies (it's too hot) and no babies born between September 1st and the end of December (don't want to deal with the school districts)...I probably don't want an early summer baby either as that would be about the same thing as I guess that means sometime late winter to early spring or anytime between the middle of August to the end of August (but before September 1st!!!)...or, I could make it really easy and say no more babies at all........probably not though, I think I (notice I said I, not we, I'm not sure Dan shares my opinion) would like at least a couple more......

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