Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Back on Track

Yesterday, Leona and I headed out for my first postpartum run and her first run in the jogging stroller and today we followed it up with our second.  Overall I'd have to say that it went pretty well.  It was good to be running again, although I think it will take a while before I'll say that it feels good to run.  My legs are sore today!

There are some definite benefits to running with just Leona as opposed to running with Emme & Calvin.  First of all, I forgot how nice and easy the single stroller is to push...it's a million pounds lighter and turns so much more easily.  In addition, it doesn't take up the whole sidewalk/bike path so I can actually get around people (more accurately, they can get around me).  Then when you factor in Leona's sub 10 pound weight and compare it to Emme & Calvin's combined 75 plus pound weight there isn't even a contest.  On the flip side, I can't believe I'm actually saying this, it was almost too peaceful running with just Leona.  She didn't do anything except sleep the whole way.  I actually missed the company and motivation ("run faster mommy" not to mention my desire to get home faster when they're fighting) that I get from running with Emme & Calvin.  And, when I ran through the "tunnel" there wasn't anyone in the stroller to sing the "Sleeping Beauty Song" so that it echos off the walls...for a brief (very brief) second I considered serenading myself!  

Speaking of serenading, Leona is sharing her beautiful wale so I'd best be going.   All in all, I'm glad to be getting out and about again, even if it does make it difficult to go up and down my stairs when I get back home....

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