Sunday, July 6, 2008

Peaceful Sunday Afternoon

Right now it is a pretty peaceful Sunday afternoon.  We had a pretty big, but good weekend.  We did end up going to the trials to watch the firework display and am glad that we was a pretty good show and we were right underneath it.  I've never been so close to all the "action", it was pretty loud but fun.  Calvin actually enjoyed it..."Did you see that Daddy?  Did you see that!?!"  It was also nice because my dad and brother were up and went with us...we enjoy having company.  

On Saturday, Emme and I went to Roseburg with my parents and Tom to watch Doug play in a couple of baseball games.  Although the games themselves were pretty sad (lots of errors and not so many hits...not to mention not much playing on Doug's part) we had a good time.  Emme had a couple of snow cones and between the games enjoyed collecting "sea shells" (really stinky fresh water clam shells?) out of the river, which mostly just involved her getting her pants soaked.

Dan and Calvin had a boys day at home.  It apparently consisted of M&M's and Popsicles as well as playing "Robin Hood and Little John Running Through the Forest" at the park.  Dan also had a nice BBQ waiting for us when we returned - Calvin even "made the corn".  I think they had a great time "without the girls".

Right now we're all relaxing.  Time is flying by and pretty soon we'll have a new little one.  This is the hardest time because it could really happen at any time but I don't know when that time will be.  Sometimes I think sooner than later would be good...but then I wonder if I'm really ready yet and think maybe later would be okay.  I guess we'll just keep waiting.....

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