Saturday, June 28, 2008

Olympic Trials

Today we walked down to Hayward Field to check out all the festivities of the Olympic Track & Field Trials. We had a great time! It was in the 90's...very, very warm and after we had walked there, walked around all the booths and the U of O campus we were all pretty tired & grumpy...but we really had a great time none-the-less.  Emme & Calvin got to participate in some "mini events" (standing long jump, vertical leap, 15m dash and long jump) and then spin for some prizes.  Emme won a Nike duffel bag and Calvin got a little red bouncy ball (which he carried with him all day and is now sleeping with).  They also each received a bag from Nike with a small playground ball and pump in it.  
We visited some other booths where Emme won another little bag from Oroweat and we all threw baseballs at the Dick's Sporting Good's tent to come away with fans (really ping pong paddles) for the kids and I won a mini baseball for throwing 2 strikes!  The kids received really cool "gold medals" for visiting 5 different places on campus.  All-in-all we left with quite the loot and had a great time even though we didn't watch an of the events.

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