Thursday, June 26, 2008


I swept and mopped the kitchen and bathroom this evening...which led to vacuuming down cobwebs in the basement, sweeping and spraying down the front porch and walk as well as watering the lawn and spraying down some cobwebs on the outside of the house.  So, this brings me to the questions...Am I nesting?  Could my labor be imminent?  I think that the answer is most likely no.  Although I feel like I will have the baby a little bit early, I still have 3 weeks before she's due.  In addition, I really thought I'd have Calvin early and he ended up being 6 days late.  Besides, I still have 26 days left on my 30 day swim pass and would like to use as many of those days as possible...
Today Calvin got to have his 3 year check up.  He wasn't too keen on wearing the hospital gown, or having his ears checked, or his blood pressure taken, or his lungs listened too....really he didn't 
want anything exam related done...other than that, it all went well.  He's still in the top percentile for his age group in height and weight and the pediatrician said his language and physical development is right on track if not advanced for his age.  (She received a great demonstration as he didn't stop talking/singing or climbing up and down off the exam table the whole time we were there.)

Dan is done with school for the summer.  It has been nice to have him home and for him not to have to stress about class.  Today we all went to the library and have plans to go to some cool parks this weekend.  In addition, I think we'll check out the Olympic Trial festivities over the next few's not everyday we have the opportunity to see Olympic athletes....we want to at least be able to say we were there.  We're hoping to have a nice couple of relaxing weeks before the baby comes.  Dan even went as far as deciding that we would all try to institute a daily nap.  It worked well today...they all napped while I went to lap swim...maybe tomorrow.

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