Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Calvin's Crash

Emme, Calvin and I all had long naps today so when I got back from swimming we headed to the school playground down the street to get their energy out.  We decided it would be fun to ride bikes around, so Emme took her bike and Calvin took the tricycle.  I ended up carrying the trike most of the way to the school because Calvin was frustrated that he couldn't keep up with Emme, but once we got to the school they had a great time riding around.  

Eventually Emme got tired of her bike and Calvin took his turn.  He was having a good time until he turned too sharply and hit the ground.  He had fallen a couple of times before, but this time he scraped up his elbow and there was blood.  He was fine until he saw the blood which I think really freaked him out.  He started crying and wanted his daddy..."I need my daddy, my arm is red, make it go away mommy, my arm is broken, I need my daddy..."  It may sound terrible, but it was all I could do to keep from laughing, he really thought that his arm was broken (kind of like Buzz Lightyear's I imagine...poor little guy).  So we decided we should probably head home (much to Emme's dismay, although she was very curious about Calvin's arm and wanted to try and make it better for him).  I again carried the trike while Emme rode ahead and Calvin held my hand crying and crying and crying about his arm.  I thought he would cry the whole way home (nothing I said seemed to console him...he needed his daddy) until we came across a "kitty cat".  Calvin loves cats.  One second he is crying and carrying on and the next he is happy as can be, "Look mommy, a kitty cat...he wants to come home with us....Kitty cat, kitty cat come here".  The best part was the cat started following us and followed us for about half a block...I think that Calvin really thought it was going to come home with us.  The cat however lost interest in Calvin and turned off.  This of course upset Calvin and he at first began crying about the cat ("But I really want a kitty cat, I wanted him to come home with us") but then remembered that his elbow was bloody which got him started crying about it again.

He cried most of the way home, except when he saw some flowers to pick and some bushes to climb under, and he cried some more when he showed Dan his wound, and he cried some more when he was in the bathtub, but finally stopped crying when we got a bandage on it and he couldn't see it anymore.  In our 4 1/2 years of being parents Calvin's scuffed up elbow is probably the worst "injury" we've seen, minus me laughing at the poor hurt kid, I think we handled it well...Dan didn't even get squeamish when he saw all the blood....

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