Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Big Blue Whale

So, I went swimming last night.  I wasn't going to because when I got there the pool was set up for long course (50 meter lenghts) instead of short course (25 meter widths), but since I had taken the time to put my suit on and we finally got the car started (still not working very well) I decided I may as well.  It turns out it was a good decision.  Because it was cloudy, windy and rainy, there was only one other person there so basically I had the lap lanes to myself.  I prefer to swim by myself because I feel awfully self-conscious about my big belly sticking out.  It must be getting bigger too, because I kept hitting it with my paddles.  I sure enjoy the time to get in the water and get away from my day....I really appreciate Dan for making it possible for me to go...most of the time he feeds and bathes the kids while I am gone...what a sweetheart!

Anyway, I'm going again tonight, however it's sunny out, so there will probably be someone that will be lucky enough to share their lane with me...the big blue whale....

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