Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Baby Blues?

I feel like I should write something but not much is happening.  Everything seems to be progressing well with my pregnancy.  I have an appointment on Friday and then will have them weekly thereafter.  I can't believe I'm coming into my final month....it's amazing how fast time goes.  Pretty soon we'll have a little baby again (hopefully little) and we'll be back into changing diapers, waking every few hours throughout the night, carrying around a diaper bag with multiple outfits and toys....why is it that I sound so negative?  There are lots of fun and exciting things that a new baby will bring too, it just seems that right now I'm remembering all the "negative" aspects of a newborn.

Anyway, the kids and Dan are doing well.  Dan only has this week and next week of actual class time then a couple of finals and he is done for the summer.  Emme and Calvin are looking forward to summer and going to the parks and wading pool.  Parks and Rec will start filling the pools on June 23rd, hopefully it warms up a bit by then.  It sure doesn't seem like June...it is way too cold.  (Remind me that I said that in a couple of weeks when I'm miserable from the heat.)

I have quit running for now...my last "run" being almost a week ago.  I'm trying to keep up swimming, although it would be a lot easier to do if it wasn't cloudy, windy and rainy every day.  I guess I'm one of those "fair weather swimmers"...not really, but it is easier to swim when I don't freeze walking to and from the locker room.  I am planning to go tonight though and will probably be in a much better mood when I do...it's amazing how working out can make you feel....

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