Saturday, May 31, 2008

Calvin the Brave?

It seems like forever since I've written.  Not a whole lot has been going on.  I've been running a few times in the past few weeks, most recently 4 days ago, but I think I'm done running until after the baby is born.  It seems to be more uncomfortable than it is enjoyable and when I went running the other day, it took a lot longer to recover.  I have been swimming however, which has been very nice.  Last night Dan and the kids played at the park while I was at lap swim and they watched me for a little bit.  Apparently my big belly looks pretty silly swaying back and forth when I'm doing backstroke, it seemed like it was to me, but Dan actually made a comment about it, so it must be quite the sight.  I have definitely noticed that I have a fair amount of "drag" when I'm swimming on my belly, but it sure feels good to get in the water and feel somewhat "weightless".

Calvin tried to hang himself today in the cord from the blinds.  He and Emme were playing downstairs and I heard the blinds go up, which they aren't supposed to touch and upon investigation found Calvin with a really nice rope burn around his neck and the blinds open all the way.  I suppose he figured the best way to get the blinds up was to put the rope around his neck and jump off the couch.  Luckily he wasn't hurt worse.  Unfortunately for Calvin, his rope burns didn't keep him out of "time out" or away from the threats of what could and would happen to him if he ever touched the blinds again.  I'll upload a picture, although you really 
can't see the extent of his damage, you can get an idea.  By the way we chopped off probably 3 inches or so of his curls tonight.  It sure makes his head look smaller and makes him look a lot older.  When I finished shaving his head, he promptly told Dan, "Look Daddy, now I'm bald like you!"

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