Thursday, April 10, 2008


It seems like I haven't written in forever. I really haven't had much to write about. We've actually gone on quite a few runs lately. Last week we managed 4 runs for a total of 10 miles (definitely not high mileage) and this week, we've actually been out every day so far for a total of 13 miles. I was going to take yesterday off, but after I got the kids to bed I decided to head out by myself...which was really pretty nice although my belly seemed a lot larger to me without a jogging stroller to hide it behind. I don't have plans to run tomorrow, but I might head out by myself again Saturday morning to finish out the week.

Calvin's potty training is actually going really well. It's been almost 3 weeks since we started and he's only had a few minor mishaps. I couldn't be more excited. Emme's pretty excited too..."Calvin is turning into a 'Potty Train'!"

Emme is starting to get a bit impatient waiting for the baby to come. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow and Emme was quite disappointed to learn that I wouldn't be bringing her sister home with me. I've tried to explain to her that the baby will not be coming until summer time, when the weather is a lot warmer, but the concept seems to allude her. On the other hand, I feel like the time is flying by...has it really been over six months already?!?...what on earth am I going to do with 3 kids?!? Emme is such a big helper though. She loves to fold laundry (which she is becoming quite good at), unload the dishwasher and set the table. She has it all planned out, "Mommy, when the baby is here, I will be your best helper...I will keep take care of the baby so that you can make dinner and I will put all the clothes into sizes for you (fold them)". She is such a sweetheart!

Dan is doing very well at school. He started to get a bit run down out a bit, but recently pulled received an A on a midterm in one of his least favorite classes. It was worth 1/3 of his grade so he's feeling better about not only that class, but I think all of his classes in general. It's good to have him feeling more positive and confident about his abilities....I know he can, and will, do really well, however sometimes he doubts himself a bit too much.

We're supposed to have really warm weather the next couple of days, which will be a welcome change from the rain....hopefully we'll spend a fair amount of time outside for the benefit of our sanity.

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