Tuesday, April 1, 2008

New Month

So, it's a new month and I thought that I'd meet it with a little more ambition than I have been showing recently. I woke up this morning and decided to really go after the day. I immediately made breakfast, then showered, got the kids dressed, swept, dusted, mopped, did laundry and dishes, waxed the hardwood floors, vacuumed the carpeted ones, washed windows, cleaned blinds, baked a 5 layer cake, worked with Emme on writing her alphabet and her numbers, made Play-Doh sculptures with Calvin, then ran 10 miles round trip, uphill both ways, pushing the kids in the jogging stroller...and this was all before lunchtime and naps. Ha ha ha April Fools (doubt I fooled you)!!

I did do a little bit of laundry and made breakfast and we actually went running again, but all the rest of the stuff is mostly ambitious dreaming. I'm sure there is some "super mom" out there who does it all and more, but I can guarantee you it isn't me, nor do I have any grand ideas that it ever will be.

Our run today wasn't much longer than yesterday's, about 2.5 miles but it was in a different direction which included more hills. Overall though, despite the hills (maybe because I walked most of them) it felt a lot better and the kids and I are looking forward to running again tomorrow.

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