Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Fair weather Runners

On runnersworld.com, they had a "Spring Haiku" challenge and the winner, Emily Edwards, wrote the following haiku:  

Fairweather runners
Emerge like they own the place.
I ran all winter.

I had never given it much thought but it is so true.  Last Friday was absolutely beautiful, the sun was shining, the weather was warm and the bike path and running trails were packed full of people running/jogging/walking....just hanging out.  Yesterday and today though, with the colder weather and rain/hail we basically had the 'road' to ourselves.  I used to really worry, especially here in Eugene where everyone runs, that my double-sized jogging stroller and I would be in the way but I had an epiphany....I have just as much right to be out, if not more right, than those "runners" who only come out when the weather "permits" it.  I did run all winter, even if it was behind an enormous stroller that monopolizes the entire sidewalk and contains two singing/fighting/sometimes yelling children...

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