Thursday, March 6, 2008

Tomorrow is the Day!

I am so excited...tomorrow is the day I go for my ultrasound and we finally get to find out if we're having a boy or a girl. I have been anxiously awaiting this for 5 months and I only have about 18 more hours to wait. Plus, we have a babysitter coming and so I look at is as a date, even if we are only going to the doctor.

Yesterday we went to Emme's pre-op and her ears had actually cleared completely and the other one a great her ear surgery has been postponed indefinitely. We'll go back in June for a check to see if they are staying clear. At first Emme was disappointed, until I explained that it meant she wouldn't have to go to any more appointments for a while...then she was happy.

We went running to a park today and played for about an hour before running home. It wasn't super sunny, but it wasn't too windy and the temperature was in the mid 50's. It was quite pleasant. The kids had a great time. Calvin spent most of the time pushing the merry-go-round....needless to say he slept most of the way home and for almost 2 hours after we got back. Now...almost 9pm, he's fighting bedtime. Unfortunately, for him, it is a fight he cannot win.

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