Friday, March 21, 2008

Spring Break!'s Spring Break! That means that Dan doesn't have to go to school (or at least class) all next week. I'm sure he'll still have plenty of studying to do with finals coming up, but at least he can hang out with us a bit. We are going to head over to Florence tomorrow and spend the one day that it isn't supposed to be raining at the beach. The kids are really excited. Calvin and Emme have both been practicing "run away, run away" from the waves.

Sunday is of course Easter. Emme is so excited. She can't wait to see what the Easter Bunny brings her and to wear her "circle" (polka dot) dress to church where everyone will think that she is "sooooo beautiful" (she's really reserved about the way she looks..ha ha ha). Calvin looks very handsome in his vest and tie and we even got him some dress shoes so that he doesn't have to wear his Converse with his new "snazzy" outfit. After we get back from the beach we'll dye some eggs, which means lots of colored fingers and most likely colored spots and both the table and floor.

It actually didn't rain today although we really didn't go outside much. I took Emme to the doctor because she had been complaining about her ears. She had fluid, but no infection as of yet. Her pediatrician suggested that we make a follow up with the otolaryngologist sooner than originally planned to readdress the possibility of ear tubes. We were also given a prescription that we can fill if her ears get worse over the weekend...hopefully we won't have to (are pharmacies even open on Easter?)

I'm still fighting off this crappy's really hanging out in my sinuses. So, we have yet to go running...maybe I can head out by myself this next week while Dan is out of school and get back into it a little more slowly. We'll see....

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