Monday, March 17, 2008

Sick of being sick...

So the kids and I (mostly me) are still sick which means we haven't been running in what seems like forever. Maybe I'm just being a baby, or maybe it's because of the baby and the fact that I can't take anything, but this is the worst cold I've ever had. I can't breathe and yesterday, I started losing my comes and goes, but right now is mostly going. (Which makes yelling at my kids especially difficult..ha ha ha) Anyway, today it is raining and cold which just makes us feel even more gloomy. I really miss running and am afraid, as my belly gets progressively bigger, jumping back into it if I finally recuperate from this crud might be a bit of a struggle.

Good news though, Dan has yet to get sick, which means he probably won't get sick, unless of course he is fortunate enough to get it while he is trying to enjoy spring break.

Emme is counting down the days until Easter. She is so excited to wear her new "circle dress" to church (thank you mom & grammy). For the last two weeks, she has been begging to put in on, "everyone will think I'm so pretty". Calvin looks forward to the new "tight" (tie and suit....thanks mom) that will be coming shortly in the mail. We will take lots of pictures and post them after Easter.

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