Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Mommy's Night Out

Yeah, I'm going out on the town. Okay, not really, I'm going to a church dinner....but it's a night away from the kids and with other adults, so it's a night out. Dan and the kids are going to order some pizza and watch soccer so they'll have a great time too.

I made a cake for the dinner and will post pictures (for my mom). I originally volunteered to make a cake (which will be a centerpiece on one of the tables) because I really wanted to make some "candied flowers" where you take real, edible flowers and basically turn them into pretty, shiny candies. I saw a picture of some on a Taste of Home magazine and they were so pretty. The instructions didn't look too hard so I thought I'd give it a try. Long story short, they looked nothing like those on the cover of the magazine...and looked far from edible. So, I resorted to making frosting flowers instead. They actually turned out surprisingly well. We drove around all yesterday trying to find a "cake decorating nail" but came up empty handed, so the flowers were far from being symmetrical, but they have "character".

The cake itself is lemon, with a lime curd filling, and a lemon buttercream frosting. It actually tastes really good, which is good because it doesn't look too appetizing. I have never had so much trouble frosting a cake before....it was really crummy and crumby. I tried to cover up the crumbs with green sparkles, but they didn't stick to the side of the cake and there are definitely spots where it could've used more frosting. Oh well, maybe it will be kind of dark in the room and no one will notice.

On a running note, I'm starting to feel a little bit better. My voice has mostly returned and my sinuses are starting to clear a little...hopefully by the end of the week we'll head out for a run.

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