Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Well, it's March and I've been really lazy about blogging. I've been kind of lazy about running too, but at least I've been doing it a little bit. Actually, last week, we had some really sunny weather and went on a few longer runs with time in the middle to play at the park. Yesterday, we ran to the post office and, although it was cold, the sun was out and I managed to get a little bit of color on my face. The problem with running these days (as my baby begins to become more life sized) is the need to make frequent bathroom stops. This poses problems as there are limited bathrooms strategically placed on my runs...actually there is only one open bathroom (it is winter after all and most parks don't have operational facilities) and I feel the need to make sure all the runs we go on pass by it at least once. This elicits the following response from my children, "You have to go potty AGAIN mommy?!?" Hopefully, if I'm still able to move about this summer when the rest of the parks open their bathrooms, we can add a little bit of variation into our runs.

Today starts the first of several doctors appointments for Emme over the next couple of weeks. She has a pre-op appointment with the audiolaryngologist today, then she meets with the anesthesiologist tomorrow and next week is her big surgery. On Friday, I get to go in for my ultrasound, which I'm really excited about. So, not so much running for us lately but we're still getting out and about and staying busy.

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