Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sunshine & Runny Noses

It was a beautiful day here yesterday. The sun shown most of the day and I think it got up to about 51 degrees. We went running around 11am and I think it was in the mid-40's. The sunshine was so nice. It was easy to tell that the people here in Eugene enjoyed it, there were probably twice as many people out running as usual and the majority of them were wearing shorts (and long-sleeved shirts, gloves, hats...) because the sun was out which in a place where sunshine in February is rare and therefore means "run in shorts" (the shorter the better of course!). I split the difference and ran in some capri lenght pants. Anyway, since it was such a lovely day we went on a longer run to a park where the kids could run around for a while and Calvin could eat his fill of sand. They had a lot of fun...although Calvin ended up having an upset tummy last night.

On the other hand, with the sunshine seems to come the runny noses. Dan, Emme & Calvin all have pretty nasty colds. We spent the weekend with family and I won't mention any names but there were two other little ones there that had runny noses...and I think it may have contributed to my poor sick family. Emme & Dan seem to be the most miserable...I think Calvin's sand diet (best if taken both orally and nasally) may have helped scratch out the virus before it could do too much damage. Luckily, I have yet to contract anything.

I have a doctor's appointment today. I'm not looking forward to finding out "officially" how much weight I've gained in the past 4 1/2 weeks. I know it's not going to be pretty as I have had an insatiable craving for Mike & Ike's and Bottlecaps. I am however looking forward to getting an ultrasound scheduled so we can start figuring out names and which gender of clothes I need to round up. Hopefully that should be in the next week or so...I'll keep you posted.

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