Friday, February 1, 2008

Only in Oregon

Only here in Oregon is it possible to go running in the rain while at the same time be blinded by the sun. That's what our run today was like...intermittent sprinkles/showers with bright, blinding sunshine. I'm definitely not complaining about the sun, I'll take it whenever I can, especially here in Eugene when it's hard to come by during these sloshy wintery months. However, it doesn't work very well to wear sunglasses in the rain, despite how bright the sun is. Despite the weather, we had a pretty decent run (decent in the sense that we actually went running). It was actually our second run in as many days...I'm starting to get back into the groove I think, that and the temperature has crept back up into the 40's.

I got a watch to wear running (compliments of a gift certificate to Eugene Running Company from my uncle Tom...thank you!!) so that I can see how slowly I'm actually going. I really love it. I used to always time my runs and it's fun to see my paces again. I was surprised when yesterday I negative split (ran faster the second half) my 3.5 mile run so we went on the same run today to compare times. Today we ran a whole minute faster and again I had negative splits. The surprising thing is that the way back is mostly up why the faster time? At first I thought it was that I was just anxious to get home but I realized on today's run it is more than that. I am anxious to get home and be done with my run but it isn't because I'm tired of running but more because I'm tired of running with Emme & Calvin. Today they were particularly grumpy which explains the faster time overall in addition to the much faster second half of the run. I guess training with kids does have its benefits.

This afternoon Emme & I are going to see her pediatrician to discuss the results of her audiology screening. It was my understanding (from the audiologist) that everything was within normal parameters, so I'm not expecting bad news, but I guess we'll wait to see what the doctor has to say. We'll let you know......

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