Tuesday, February 5, 2008

No Ballet

Emme's ballet class has been officially canceled, for good this time. We had the option of putting her into a different class, but she would already be 3 classes behind so we passed. We will probably look into getting back into it in the spring when the classes start over again. Emme is sad, but not distraught. If we let her put on her ballet costumes and dance around the living room every now and then she will be more than satisfied.

We went on another longer run today...close to 5 miles. Actually by the time we had back tracked two separate times (once for Emme's hat and once for Calvin's glove...both thrown out by Calvin) we may have gone more than 5 miles. It was actually decent weather when we set out...overcast skies, but no wind or rain and temperatures around 43...so we decided we would stop at a park to play for a bit. Of course I said that at the beginning of the run and with about a mile to go before reaching the park the wind had come up and it had started raining...I think the temperature dropped a few degrees also, however, I had said we could play for a bit, so we did. The kids were actually just fine (I always bundle them up nicely...hat, gloves, sweatshirt, coat, long socks & wellies), however I wasn't dressed so warmly and after I stopped running, it didn't take me long to be absolutely freezing. In fact, 8 1/2 hours later, I'm still trying to warm up! We had fun though, Emme drew pictures in the wet sand and Calvin made "sand angels" (anything to get as dirty as possible) while I huddled under the play structure for a while. It took bribing them with a promise of hot chocolate to persuade them that 15 minutes at the park was long enough for all of us (not just me), but we were finally able to finish the second half of our run (which of course was when all the backtracking occurred).

Originally I had planned on taking tomorrow off because of ballet, but since we don't have that to go to, we might go on a short slow run, not that any of my runs are fast anymore, but if we run tomorrow, it will be extra slow, I'm sure.

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