Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Klamath Falls & Broken Car

We're here in Klamath Falls were it looks like we might be indefinitley. Our car has been having issues and my mom convinced me that I shouldn't drive back home until I have it looked at. Well, today I had it looked at and it has many, many things wrong with it. In addition to it costing many, many dollars to get it fixed, they won't get the parts until Friday at the soonest and won't have it up and running until Monday or so...which means our "short" trip to Klamath has now turned into a long one. I luckily brought running stuff bought of course no jogging stroller, so if I go for some runs, it will be on my own. I was planning on doing some swimming while I was here and went as far as going down to the pool today, however it was "closed for lunch" (apparently pools need their nutrition too) and I fear that might be all it took for me to lose my motivation. Something about the idea of putting on a swimming suit and parading around in front of people doesn't appeal to me.

On a different note, my doctor's appointment went well last week. We set up the ultrasound appointment for March 7th. However, I did find out that the baby's heartbeat has been relatively consistent at 150 to 160 bpm...which, if you believe "old wives' tales" is guaranteed to be a girl. Emme also had her appointment with the otolaryngologist and we have decided to go ahead with the ear tube surgery. She has had chronic fluid in her ears which doesn't seem to be draining and the doctors believe it may be related to her slight hearing loss. Hopefully the surgery will go well and will help.

Other than us being stuck in Klamath Falls while our car is being worked on and Dan being stuck in Eugene without personal transportation things are going well. Sorry for the long time between blogs.

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