Monday, February 4, 2008

Good Run

We actually had a great run today. I had some mail that I wanted to go out today (sometimes our mail lady doesn't pick up our outgoing mail unless she has some mail for us) so I decided we would run to the post office. All together, round trip, it was right around 4.5 miles which is the longest run we've been on since I became pregnant. It felt pretty good though. The best part about it was that the kids fell asleep on the way back! I couldn't believe it, they haven't both done that for a long, long, long time. I had my suspicions because they were awfully quiet but I didn't want to check on them or ask if they were asleep because I didn't want to chance disturbing them if they were just being good (never disturb a peaceful child...whether asleep or awake). So, I'm not sure how long they were asleep, probably at least 1.5 miles, but they were out when we got home, so I did a couple of laps (walking) around the block to extend their naps (I knew there would be no way getting them inside the house and up both flights of stairs without waking them - although I tried and failed with Calvin).

I didn't however have a faster second half of the run this time...which confirms my theory...I run faster when the kids are grumpy. I don't care though, if I can have more runs that are slow and peaceful with sleeping kids I'll take them over the faster runs any day!

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