Thursday, January 3, 2008

Waffles with...Parmesan Cheese & Jelly?

We had a great Christmas break and have really taken a break from almost everything, especially running & blogging. We went down to Klamath on Christmas day to enjoy the festivities and also so that Emme could celebrate her birthday with family and also so Dan & I could have a night away from our kids for our 6th anniversary. We ended up staying longer than we had planned (mostly due to the fact that I didn't feel like packing up and driving home) but all in all it was good to visit family and also helped us appreciate our life in Eugene a little more.

Christmas was great. The kids were given enough gifts that they still have some they have yet to play with. Dan and I also got lots of great things and feel pretty spoiled. We did, get a new waffle maker, one of the cool ones that they use in motels at continental breakfasts which we tested out today. It worked great...made enormous waffles...enough that we had plenty left over...that is where this story really begins:

As I mentioned, there were several waffles left over which I put on a plate to save for later. Well, while Dan was at school (spending his Christmas money on law books) and I was in the shower, Calvin decided he needed more waffles. Waffles in themselves would have been fine, he could've eaten them until his heart's content for all I cared, however, it didn't stop there...he apparently needed to "spice" them up a bit, which is where the Parmesan cheese and strawberry jelly came into play. At some point he enlisted Emme's help (she claims it was merely to help clean up). I think she discovered that her efforts were fruitless which is when she came into the bathroom to let me know that they had made a mess and were cleaning it up. This was of course about the same time that Dan got home. I got out of the bathroom to a strong smell (really a nauseating stench) of Parmesan cheese permeating from our living room. I wasn't entirely suprised, but I was slightly shocked to discover our carpet covered in about a 3 foot diameter of Parmesan cheese with splatterings of jelly. The cheese (thanks to the clean up efforts with a dustpan) was in nice little peaks here and there. It is slightly humorous now looking back, but at the time it was really pretty gross. Needless to say, we all learned some lessons:

1. I should either give the kids snacks before showering or make sure the waffles are out of reach 2. Calvin doesn't like Parmesan cheese on his waffles 3. Emme should keep her hands clean of all messes that she isn't directly involved in and 4. Dan really can't leave us alone...

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