Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Sad Little Ballerina

Emme woke up excited for the day
it was, of course, a day for ballet.
At 7am she had a long time to wait
For there were 5 and 1/2 hours before she'd be late.

After breakfast (actually while still eating her toast)
She begged to put on her outfit, the one she loves most
I convinced her to wait until at least after lunch
Which, of course made her pout, but her toast she did munch.

Finally the time came, to get dressed for her class
then she twirled and twirled but didn't fall on her...hiney (ha! ha!)
Dressed all in pink from her hair to the floor,
it then took five minutes to get Calvin out the door.

Once in the car we drove down the street,
Emme was all excited about "new friends" she would meet.
We pulled into the lot, surprised to see it quite bare,
We were, however, early...they would all be there.

Nope, nope they wouldn't, we were sadly alone
Today's class had been canceled, calls had been made by phone
Our phone, however, never did ring,
So we showed up for ballet, unknowing the sadness it'd bring.

Emme didn't understand why there was no ballet,
It was, after all, her first ballet day.
She cried and she cried, her tears uncontrollable,
My poor ballerina was quite inconsolable.

At first it seemed she'd be eternally sad,
Then I rightly guessed how to make her be glad...
A trip to the store for cookies that were pink frosted
Then back to our home to dance 'til exhausted.

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