Wednesday, January 30, 2008

No Ballet...again

No ballet again this week. Again, we didn't get a phone call, so we spent all morning waiting anxiously (Emme more so than Calvin & I) for it to be time to get ready for ballet and finally go. When we got there, the parking lot was empty so Emme intuitively said "I don't think today is ballet day after all". Luckily she wasn't as sad this week and we were assured that next week there will be class and that they have a teacher they are really excited about. They are still planning on it being an 8 week class, so the classes have just been moved back a couple of weeks.

I'm starting to wonder if I will ever run again...I'm thinking maybe not. Okay, that's a bit extreme, I will definitely run again, maybe even this week. It's just been really frustrating because it has been really cold and wet (rainy & snowy) and I can't seem to keep the kids warm enough. Truth is, Emme is no problem, Calvin however, likes to throw off his hat and his gloves and refuses to stay under a instead of fight him, we just don't go. I can't really blame it all on Calvin...we really haven't been running because I got unmotivated. What I really need to find is some good motivation. I'm sure there is some motivation out there...somewhere....maybe I'll find it soon....

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