Monday, January 14, 2008

New House, New Schedule

Well, we have officially moved to a new place. We actually have a house! It is great. I didn't realize how quite a house can be (well, the kids are still living with us, but at least we don't have any upstairs neighbors stomping around). We have a lot more room really is great, I think that we will all be a lot happier here. With that being said, we are still trying to adjust to things here and Dan's new school schedule. We have stayed here two nights now, the first night went well, but last night not so well. Emme woke up crying every hour (pretty much on the hour) from 10:00 until 6:00 when I finally let her climb in bed with us. I guess she was having bad dreams...I never can really tell (either she isn't coherent in the middle of the night or I'm not very comprehending...probably a combination of the both). Needless to say, we could all use a little more sleep, I'm sure things will get better as we adjust to our new surroundings.

The last few weeks we have been really busy getting things ready to move and going for doctor's visits so we haven't really run since before Christmas break started. I'm hoping that we will get back in the groove starting tomorrow. The kids and I could really use some outside excursions.

I had my second doctor's check up last week and things seem to be progressing right along at a great rate. I only gained 3 pounds between visits, so considering it was Christmas and New Year's (not to mention Emme's birthday and our anniversary) I think I did pretty well. Of course it probably helped that I've been fairly nauseous since becoming pregnant. (If I hadn't been pregnant I'm sure the holiday weight gain would've been much more significant.) Considering that Calvin weighed almost 9lbs my goal is to eat much better and try to stay as active as possible...I really don't need to be carrying around 10+ pounds of baby in addition to trying to keep up with the 80+ pounds of Emme & Calvin (plus VBACs don't usually go over as well with large babies).

Anyway, we'll hopefully get back in our running groove tomorrow...we'll keep you posted...

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