Saturday, November 10, 2007

Neglecting blogging, not neglecting running...

then through the We've been running lots, I just haven't been writing about it. I'm not sure why, just lazy I guess. Last Saturday when I wasn't sure if I was going to go running or not, we ended up going on a nice 10 mile run. It was actually great. Our ultimate goal was to run down by Autzen so Emme & Calvin could see all the game day festivities. However, we couldn't very easily cross the footbridge because of all of the game day foot traffic so when headed towards Alton Baker Park to come up to Autzen from the backside (my thinking was that if we were going against the foot traffic it would be easier to get through). Well, we ran around the park and around AutzenAutzen parking lot where Emme (Calvin was of course asleep by then) enjoyed seeing all the green and yellow tailgaters. However, crossing over the footbridge against traffic wasn't any easier than with it so we retraced our steps and ran back towards Alton Baker before heading home.

All in all it made for a long run but was really quite enjoyable. On Wednesday we repeated the run but added almost 2 full miles to it by going to a huge playpark (top 5 playground in the nation according to Newsweek magazine) and crossing over the river by Valley River Center. This took us along the freeway for a while, which was a little bit noisy, but still a beautiful run in the crisp fall leaves.

Today we don't have a duck game to watch and honestly I'm not sure if we'll go running. We probably will guilt coupled with the fact that Emme & Calvin are so accustomed to going that after breakfast they usually say "lets go running" will probably convince me to go.

Right now though, nobody is going to be happy until I make Calvin some french toast, so I best be doing that.

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