Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!

Well, since yesterday, I am now officially 28 years old....really getting up there. I was okay with getting older, but as I seem to be rapidly approaching 30 I'm not so sure anymore. Calvin's favorite number is "40-10" (I don't know where he got it from, but unless he is saying his age "I'm 2!" anything related to numbers is 40-10) and I think he's on to something. Next year I will turn 29 and the following year I will be 20-10, then 20-11...and so on. I haven't decided yet if, in the year 2019 if I will jump up to 30-10 or go with the pattern and be 20-20....

I had a great birthday yesterday. We took Dan to school (he slept spend the morning with us?) then the kids and I went to the store and bought some donuts and looked at toys. After that we went to the library for story-time, then to the mall to play at the playland. While Calvin napped, Emme and I made and angel food cake. When Dan got home from school we drove by a house that we might want to rent then went to dinner at IHOP, where Calvin of course had french toast!

We ate too much at dinner though, so we didn't have any cake last night. What's better than birthday cake on your birthday? Birthday cake for breakfast the day after your birthday!!

Today we are heading over to Myrtle Point to enjoy Thanksgiving with Dan's grandparents. Before we go, we have an appointment to look at a house that is for rent. It's small, but has a huge fenced backyard. It is within our price range, and within a walkable distance to the law school, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that is something we like on the inside too.

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Elizabeth said...

Happy Belated Birthday. Mom mentioned last week that it was your birthday - but I'm a bad sister-in-law and didn't get anything in the mail to you.