Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Up and Running

Okay, we're up...have been for 4 hours but we're not running yet. Calvin and I got up early today to make Dan lunch for school (actually Calvin got up to watch cartoons (surprisingly enough there aren't any on at 4am) and since I was up I made Dan lunch). After convincing Calvin to go back to bed, it was time for Dan to get ready for school, so Calvin decided to "help" him. They had a great morning getting ready. As you can see in the pictures Calvin is shaving now!

Right now I'm trying to work up the ambition to go running. It isn't raining at the moment (key word "moment") so it would be a good opportunity. I am supposed to do a track workout today 6 x 800 with a 400 jog between each 800 and a warm up and cool down to make the total mileage 5 miles. We've run on the track before and it seems that going around in circles elicits unhappy (even more than usual) behavior from my "precious" jogging stroller cargo. That combined with the fact that 800 repeats aren't too appealing, we'll probably just head out on a run. Hopefully we can beat the rain, because yes...there will be rain today.

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