Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick-or-Treating & King Size Candy Bars

We had a great time trick or treating tonight. Emme & Calvin really got into it when they realized that they were actually getting candy. We went to a street several blocks above the law school (by above, I mean East) where there are big houses that have lots of halloween decorations. It is one of the streets that we run along frequently. We weren't disapointed. I'm not sure what was cooler, the treats that were given out or the houses themselves. Even without decorations they were some pretty amazing houses.

Emme & Calvin went up to the doors and knocked gently (read "pounded frantically") on the doors while they whispered (yelled) "trick or treating", then when the occupants came to the door they stood there silently (unless you count the sound of them greedily grabbing for candy) to get praises (thanks mom for the costumes) and treats. Emme was most excited when she scored some M & M's and Calvin's big treat was to see a "big, big dump truck" parked along side the street.

When I was younger I heard rumors about houses in Pacific Terrace that gave out full size candy bars. Until tonight I had never witnessed such a cornucopia of treats. We went to one house that had a nice sloping driveway (not the 3 stories of stairs like most of the houses) and the lady came to the door with a nicely arranged tray of treats (by treats I mean KING SIZE candy bars and packs of gum) from which she gave our kids 3 each! It was amazing. Needless to say, we have enough treats to last for a while....or at least through the weekend!

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