Friday, October 19, 2007

Sleepwalking, Suicidal Eggs

Early yesterday morning I awoke to some noises in the kitchen. It was too early for Dan to be getting ready for school (plus he was sound asleep) so it had to either be Emme, Calvin or our "sleepwalking eggs". Turns out it was both Calvin and the sleepwalking eggs! Apparently, as Calvin says, the egg fell (I'm assuming that it must have jumped) out of the fridge (which must have caused such a noise that it woke Calvin). He, being the sweetheart he is, didn't want to disturb anyone with this tragedy so he proceeded to get a chair (to reach the paper towels) and began cleaning up after the egg. When I found him, the shells had already been deposited into recycling bag and he was in the process of mopping up (really pushing around) the egg itself with a series of shredded paper towels. I don't know what would compel an egg to take such drastic action with its life...I can only assume the fear of becoming french toast.

As amazing as the story is, it was not an isolated incident yesterday. Apparently the other six eggs that were left in the carton spent all day distraught over the fate of their amigo. They waited until I was in the shower after our afternoon run to make their move. They must've held Calvin somewhat responsible as he did not survive this incident unmarked by egg yolk. Despite their bravery, I must sadly report the end was just as tragic...a group suicide. Calvin (again the sweetheart) first tried to sweep (yes with a broom) then mop (with paper towels) the eggs before coming to me (still in the shower) with eggs dripping from his hands to tell me the sad tale.

In Spanish, there are a series of reflexive actions that in essence happen to themselves. For example, when something falls you would say "se cayĆ³" which literally translated means "it fell itself", or if something breaks then "se rompiĆ³", literally "it broke itself". Since I'm sure that Calvin had nothing to do with the strange suicidal eggs (ha ha ha, yeah right) all I can say is "Those silly eggs, they fell and broke themselves!"

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