Thursday, October 4, 2007


We're all a bunch of sickies here. Poor Dan is probably the worst off...I think the kids are actually on the upswing. Dan went to school at 6am yesterday like always but called us for a ride home by 9am. Today he couldn't miss his classes though, so he's stuck there most of the day. I'm stuffed up and have a sore throat but nothing I can't live with. It is enough that we'll probably skip out on running today in hopes to not entice my cold to get worse...that and the fact that I really don't have the energy to go running today.

Emme's ballet went really well today. Calvin and I watched her a little bit through the window and she looked to be having a good time. We didn't get there early enough to get her the same tap shoes she wore last week though, so she had to wear ones with laces instead of bows (obviously meant to be worn by boys as Emme was quite disappointed to point out) but they fit her and she decided she would rather wear "boy ones" than go with out. After class she showed us her "woodpecker dance" and her chassé. I think that she is doing pretty well, if nothing else, she is having a lot of fun. Calvin and I raced little cars outside after he fell flat on his back at the park because everything was so wet. So, ballet is still a little dangerous for him, but overall we had a great time.

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Joleane said...

Hey Laurie,
I didn't know you had a blog. Mom just mentioned it too me yesterday at the party. (Thanks again for coming up). How did your race go Saturday? Are you training for a marathon? I need to start running again too. You're blog will help motivate me. Maybe I can work my way up to doing one of your "little" 3 mile runs.