Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Lots happening...nothing to say

A lot has been going on, but for whatever reason I really haven't made myself write. I just haven't felt like it. The kids and I went on vacation to Seaside which was great. I enjoyed running on the beach every day without the stroller and my kids (thank you mom) which was very peaceful.

I ran my first race since college (OIT days...long time ago). It actually went surprisingly well. My time wasn't great, but a little bit better than I expected to do. I am considering another run on November 17th (guaranteed to be in the rain), but I'm not sure yet. Dan, Emme and Calvin were there cheering me on at the start and finish. It was really nice to hear them yell "go Mommy!"

Dan is doing well with school...staying busy, but still able to spend time with us. We're looking forward to Halloween (Emme=Princess, Calvin=Pumpkin) and Thanksgiving (still not sure what we're going to do for it). We'll try to blog more.

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