Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Hamster Wheels for Kids

Today I realized that there really is a hamster wheel for children (at least my children) it’s called a merry-go-round. My kids don’t like to ride on them as much as they like to push them. Emme and Calvin will run around and around and around until they fall down pushing the merry-go-round. They will push anyone. What do they do if there is no one to push you ask? Well, they push “Genie” and “Carpet” of course. (I suppose it’s convenient that they have the same imaginary friends.) Needless to say they wear themselves out and I don’t even have to chase them around because they are running in circles.

Our runs have been going well. Maybe a little too well. After running without my kids on Monday (that’s right, completely by myself, no kids, no jogging stroller (thank you Dan) nothing but me and my Ipod…and the Oregon Women’s Cross Country team…but they were only with me for a short while) I have been feeling pretty good about running and today took it to the mext level and actually signed up for a race. It’s in a week and half (Oct. 13th) and is the “9th Annual Duck Dash”. It starts at Hayward Field and ends behind the law school. The proceeds actually go towards a law school scholarship for 3rd year students, so “cross my fingers” maybe in 2 years we may get the money back! Anyway, it’s a 5k run and walk, so despite the fact that I am running a race in “Track Town USA” that starts at the runner’s headquarters there might be a few walkers that I finish ahead of.

Tomorrow is Emme’s ballet…we’ll keep you posted….

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