Friday, September 28, 2007

Making Cookies & Running in the Rain

I would have to say that today was a pretty good day. It poured all night, which I love. I love to listen to the rain on my's really quite soothing. It was of course still raining when we woke up. For a split second I considered not running today, but we're finally starting to get back into a groove and I really love running in the rain, so we bundled up and went. I am so glad we did. For most of the run it was barely drizzling (of course during the one hill on the run there was a torrential downpour) and the gray skies really brought out the colors of the fall leaves. To add to the poetry of it all, we saw a bunch of deer, which the kids were pretty excited about, although Emme was pretty disappointed when we couldn't "catch one".

We didn't get to play very long at the park (every run we take has a park somewhere in the middle of it) because it was so cold and rainy, so Emme decided we should go home and make "chocolate chip cookies with M & M's when Calvin goes to sleep". Sounded good to me. Emme had a great time and even with her help the cookies turned out pretty tasty. Dan even managed to get home from school in time to have warm cookies fresh from the oven and cookie dough too.

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