Thursday, September 27, 2007

Little Ballerina

Yesterday was pretty uneventful. We went on a 6+ mile run with a park in the middle (like all our runs). Unfortunately there was a hill part way through that I didn't remember from last time when ran this route ("Mommy are you running or walking?!?") which seemed awfully steep. We ran a lot later than normal so, we brought a picnic lunch to the park (you mean you want us to eat when there are toys to play on...yeah right) and had a good time, it was a nice sunny day (I would imagine one of the last since fall is officially here...we do live in Eugene after all).
Today was the big ballet day. I was probably more nervous than I should have been. I was afraid that Emme would cry, that she wouldn't have the right clothes to wear, that Calvin would run around like a wild know, the typical fears of a mom who has taken her child to soccer before. And, unfortunately, I wasn't disappointed, all things feared came to fruition. Emme didn't have ballet slippers or a tutu, so she was in warm-up pants and bare feet (which we decided before hand would be fine until we saw what the other girls were wearing), she cried when they put on tap shoes because they are very slippery and she likes to run....and of course fell flat on her toushy, and finally, Calvin crazy as ever although he did like it when they danced to music.
Overall, Emme's first dance class went very well. She stretched and twirled with the best of them. After class, we went to the store and got some ballet slippers (no pink ones in her size...) a black tutu to match her black slippers (again no pink ones in her size) and a nice pair of footless tights. Luckily she already had her "yoga" leotard from Nana to complete the ensemble. Now, as you can see from the picture...she is ready for next week. At story time, we checked out a book about ballet and she has been practicing the moves all week.
Next week, we will be dropping her off and Calvin and I will head to the park, where it won't matter if he decides to be a dinosaur and stomp on all the ballerinas!

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