Thursday, August 30, 2007

When not running...

With my knee hurting on and off we haven't been up to our normal running routines. It's Thursday and so far this week we've only logged 4 1/2 miles (2 days running).

So, what does a "jogging-stroller mom" do when she can't escape the house by taking the kids running? Yesterday (a non-running day) we had a picnic at Alton Baker Park. I think it's a great park...very spacious, lots of grass and trees, only two problems: 1. There are no "toys" (mommy, this isn't a park, I want to go to a real park with play-toys) and 2. Everyone goes there to run and work out (even a group called "Baby Boot Camp" that come with jogging strollers and kids in tow), so needless to say I felt guilty that I wasn't there to workout.

We however, brought some crackers and PB & J sandwiches for our picnic and stale English muffins to feed to the ducks and geese (they also enjoyed the sandwiches and most of the crackers). It was a sight to see! As soon as the geese realized there was food they swarmed the kids. At first Emme was a little nervous (she ran away and they chased her) but after I assured her they were only after the bread she had she had a blast throwing it to them. (Only one sneaky goose, slightly taller than Emme, got close enough to get a little nibble of her hand.) Calvin had a great time all the way up until we had to go home because of his "swim" in the pond.

So, all in all, it was a fun trip, no running involved unless you count Emme running from the geese or the geese running from Calvin....

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