Thursday, August 16, 2007

Two runs in one blog...wooo hooo!

Yesterday's run was pretty uneventful. We ran to the end of the paved trail past South Eugene H.S. and back then the other direction on the trail, to Albertson's and back. All together it wasn't quite 3 miles. The kids were pleased though because we got to go through the "tunnel" (really just under a bridge) twice. They love to here their voices echo off the walls (AHHHHHHH!!). I'm sure everyone in South Eugene loves to hear them too. My knee started hurting by the end of the run (along with my head...but that's a different story) to the point were I almost had to hobble (more than usual) back to our apartment.

My knee was really hurting last night when I was pushing Emme around in a shopping cart (faster mommy, faster!) at the store, but this morning when I woke up it was feeling better. Since yesterday was only a 3-miler, I was supposed to go 6 today but decided to only go 3. It turns out that the post office is exactly 1.5 miles from our house so we actually had a destination and could cross two things off my "to-do list" (1. go running and 2. get stamps). I'm not sure exactly what Emme and Calvin thought was going to be at the post office for them but they were quite excited to go.

By the time we actually got out the door it was a good 1/2 hour later than I originally wanted to leave, which was fine, (I'm always happy to talk to my mom and my husband and my husband again on the phone) however it had started raining. Actually I take that back, after I finally got the kids loaded into the stroller and we stepped off the porch then it started raining. It was really just a fine misting and since it was mid 60's it really wasn't unpleasant. The kids' only complaint was that we didn't have the rain shield (conveniently left in Klamath Falls where it never rains) and their books were getting wet.

So, finally off on our great adventure to the post office -- we made it down the street and a little way onto the paved trail before my knee really started hurting enough that I had to stop ("Why are you stopping mommy?"). I tried to walk it off and stretch a little bit, which kind of helped until I started running again. Much to my chillins' dismay ("but I wanted to go to the post office...") we turned around and headed home only about 1/4 of a mile into our run. By headed home I mean we walked/hobbled home. Much to my dismay, the whole South Eugene Cross Country team was working out on the trail and I had to "walk" past them on a "running" trail (extremely humbling/humiliating...ha ha look at the old lady hobbling along with her two noisy kids). Okay, so they probably didn't say that or even think worn out as they looked they had probably been running for hours and only thinking about how nice their late morning naps would feel (oooh, morning naps, that's a good idea).

Anyway, not the greatest run yesterday, hardly able to count today as a run at all...I guess we'll see what tomorrow brings (I'm sure at the very least I'll get a chance to run around chasing my little ones at the play park...I can see the miles adding up right now...)

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