Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Second Attempt

Well, it's day two and I guess I didn't learn much from yesterday because we're headed out to run again. For the most part, our short 3 mile run yesterday was uneventful. I learned two things: 1. I really am in bad shape (it took 3 ibuprofen and a 1 hour nap to function post run) and 2. it is much harder to push a jogging stroller in packed down bark dust than it is on a paved trail. I suppose that should be common sense but for whatever reason (did I mention I'm a natural blonde) the thought didn't cross my mind.

The run itself, was mostly uneventful (the usual biting and scratching and "Calvin stop" going back and forth between my "precious cargo"). We went out about 9:45am and there weren't too many people running/walking and only a few "world-classers" sprinting laps around us. For the majority of Amazon trail there is plenty of accommodation for a double jogger and at least one other person passing in either direction. The only exception is about halfway around the trail as you near the LTD bus station the trail turns into little more than a path that can barely fit the stroller alone (twice it involved running in the tall grass: once us and the other time a nice jogger coming at us who didn't hesitate to step aside (really jump out of our way)). The kids enjoyed all the trees and the mix of shade and sun ("I'm freezing mommy!" "It's just really hot").

Today is supposed to be a 5-miler, so we are going to conquer the Rexius trail. According to research it is a nice 3.5 mile loop that isn't quite as crowded as Amazon. Since it is a little over a mile from our house (via Amazon trail, I think this time we'll take the paved path) round trip will be close to 6 miles which should just about do me in for the rest of the week if not longer (especially since I have the sneaking suspicion that the trail is uphills both ways....). Anyway, again, here we come....watch out!

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