Friday, August 31, 2007

OOOO..a new play park!

Yesterday's run was actually pretty good. It was only a 3-miler with a nice play park at the 2 mile mark. So really, it was a 2 mile run with a one mile bonus run. The kids were excited because it had been a couple of days since we went running. (I feel guilty enough as it is not running every day, but to have Emme habitually ask me "Are we going running today? Why are we not going running?" and then say "Don't you think we should probably go running?" not to mention "Mommy your belly is getting bigger and bigger!"... don't you love kids' honesty?)

So, we left around 10:00 and like I said, the kids were excited because: 1. we were going running and 2. we were running to a "new play-park". The run to the park wasn't too bad albeit the nice big hill that I didn't realize we'd have to climb...needless to say I did have to walk the last little bit up the hill ("Mommy, why are you walking...we need to run faster!"), it was after all at least 90 degrees (the temperature and the angle of the hill) not to mention I was pushing 60+ pounds of cargo.

We made it to the park without incident and it was a nice park. There was a nice big grassy field that had just been mowed and watered (yeah, wet grass to stick to everything) there was a tower that had a rock climbing wall and a double slide. There were two swings and also a big sand pit, which, much to Calvin's delight came equipped with a backhoe to do one's very own excavating (no question were he spent most of his time!). Emme on the other hand loved the tower, which she of course pretended was part of the castle in which she, the beautiful princess, was sole proprietor.

I ran a few strides through the grass finally convincing the kids to run with me (after all, it was going to be nap time soon), then we had fun on the swings before heading home for lunch and naps (which by the way they both took....yeah peace and quiet for mommy!).

Today we are not running, unless you count around the house like crazy crazies. We have a law school/church BBQ tonight, that we are preparing for (why it takes all day to prepare for a BBQ I'm not sure...but it does). I think tomorrow we will attempt the fates at a longer run, maybe we'll go around nap time, it sure makes for more peaceful runs when the kids are sleeping...

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